Thursday, February 24, 2005

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I place an trans xxx in the local arts paper looking for new models.

The ones I've been using either just left with no word or were losing my interest.

My ball z translated manga studio is filled with the mess and clutter that is my work. Feeling nude shemales a need to work on my basics again, my ad calls for someone willing to pose nude for extended periods for life study in a private studio.

Some applicants show up at the coffee shop where I requested to meet them.

All were uninteresting. I smiled politely and said I would call. Sitting dominant transexual waiting, I see you come in. You look nude shemales around and cautiously walk over to me, asking if I'm Gina. I recognize your voice from your phone call and I'm taken with you, trying not to look at you too much. We chat a bit and I tell you of my plans. Asking if you don't mind doing nude posing, you laugh and blush saying you never have but were always curious trannys in northern new york see how someone would draw you. I tell you that you'll get that chance and we make arrangements.
shemales in chains following week, you come to me in a rainstorm. It's after 5, this is just some extra money for you to make. I tell you "You should have's crazy to be out in this weather." You laugh as you shake the rain from your hair telling me you wouldn't miss it for a tornado. We laugh nervously and I try transexual escort listings get business like, showing you the changing "closet" with a old robe hanging on a nail.

As you shuck of your clothes, I proceed to be all work , setting up the platform with some fabric and adjusting the pole lights.

I hear you stepping out and tell you to hop on up you stand there in a too small robe barely covering your half aroused uncut nude shemales that hard trans shemale suck fuck try not to notice. Turning from you I tell you to try a series of poses, telling you to move this arm that way and so on. My eyes take in your shemales stockings caressing down your back, over your tight ass. Behind my easel and newprint pad, I cough, slam dunk translated manga scans you we're going to do croquies, quick 2 minute poses for 10 minutes.

You nod and say you sort of know what I'm transvestite castle the movie about. My conte' flies over the paper capturing your form.

The room is shemales cumshot and I feel sweat forming on my brow and I see it on your skin as well.

We break for a bit, you wrap the robe around you and look at the work, smiling. You've never seen your body drawn before, never seen

your cock on paper. I feel flushed when you say that, hearing the word cock form in your mouth.

After the break breatney spears shemale decide to place you on a chair on the platform. I tell you, "I would like to paint you.. would it be ok?" You tell me yes that would be great. As you stand looking to me for direction. I get up on the platform with you placing you in the chair, posing you, my hands touch your skin and I hear you sigh softly.

My heart skips a beat.
transexual escorts ny you, I step back to look at you. I notice your half lidded eyes, and the way your prick stirs as it lolls on denver shemale thigh, the way your balls shift, posh shemales way the foreskin is pulled tight. My head feels light and I take out a sheet of pastel paper and begin to do some studies. I feel my cunt pounding, it's so wet looking at you. I try to shemale dvd for sale not to notice, it's no use.

The room is sweltering. I remove my sweater, standing in a old tshirt and painted over jeans..bare foot as I work. The shirt is ripped in the front and I know you can see escorts shemale breasts when I bend for something.

I do alot of dropping.

Looking up Transexual Sex I notice I've had you sitting in that pose for over 45 minutes. I blurt out "I'm must be so cramped up!" I shemales transexual porn my tape to mark the pose. I see you wincing from tensed muscles. "So sorry.I got carried away." You assure me its ok and try to get up.

The charley horse in your leg makes you sit right back down. I'm all apologies and I begin to rub your leg before I realize I'm doing it.

But your cock knows it and swells hard to it's full length and girth wet at the tip. global shemale stop, open mouthed at the sight of it.

My pussy goes sopping wet. Your face turns every shade of crimson it can. We look at each other and your hand touches my cheek. Then I can only feel your kiss as it takes me over.

Your tongue seeking mine, I pull at my clothes your hand seeks my zipper, reaching in, finding my sopping fur, fingers slipping in searching for the source of all that wetness. You groan in my ear, telling me you could smell me from where you sitting the first time you saw me in the coffee shop. I moan aloud as I tell you I masturbated to your image that night I saw you. Falling to the platform, moaning together, writhing as one moving animal.

You pull my pants from me, reaching under and lifting my bra to release my full breasts.

I hear you muttering as your mouth falls into my cleavage, minnesota shemales nibbling. My hands play in your hair. I lay back as you part my thighs, stroking over my fat mons, palming transexual escort

You splay me open and tease my clit to show herself.

Gasping I lift my hips wanting your fingers inside me. My hands smoothing down your chest rolling your nipples in my fingers. Your eyes roll back and you grind that fat cock into my thigh. The deepest kisses. Your mouth swallowing my tongue, my lips sucking at yours.

Moving my hands down your stomach to your eager prick. It stands ready waiting.

You whisper, "Take it into your mouth."

I roll you to your side, kissing down your chest. You reach for somepillows and prop up on your free shemale movie sample As I snake down. I turn my hips to free xxx shemale galleries you, offering my cunt to your mouth. Running my stiff tongue along your throbbing cock,slowly dragging it to the seeping piss slit, lapping that first fat drop, slipping it thailand shemales the hood. You moan into my cunt, darting your shemale gallery adult check over my aching clit. My my husband is shemale with womens breasts photos push into your face, as I envelope your shaft, sucking you in deep, my hand holding the base of your prick tight as I feed. Your fingers hold me open as you spank my clit with your tongue and lips, sucking it in time with my working mouth.
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Taking you back into my hot mouth sucking, fucking, hard, your body clenches around my

finger, gliding that cock deeper in. I feel so close, I begin to quake, popping you from my mouth, crying out men looking for trannys that clit baby!" I scream flooding your

mouth, shuddering hard. You lift shemale europe phone sex glazed face from my pussy. "Get on your fours Gina,

I need to fuck you."

I dumbly nod, drunk with lust. I wobble on my knees, you grab me roughly, getting behind me, grunting in my ear, telling me, "You want this cock Gina? You need to be fucked?" Groaning over my shoulder "Yess please..fuck me..fill meohhhgodd!" You thrust in, knocking the air from my lungs.

I gasp, my cunt walls still quivering from my first series of orgasms grab at you, yawning open to make room. Then again, another hard thrust, each bringing sharp nude shemales of pain and desire.

I hear transvestite erotica telling me how you wanted to fuck me on the table in the coffee you stroked your cock hearing my voice on the phone. Your hips slam into my plush ass. Your hands smacking the cheeks lightly, you feel me shake and you smack harder, riding me. My warm ass pushing back, grinding, impaled on your cock. You grab my hair in your fingers twisting my head back, kissing me. indiana shemale escorts lost in the fucking, all yours, all yours.

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We lay in a heap, a wet sticky pile of spent sex, lapping at each other.

My fingers reach down, dipping into my cunt.

I find the art we've created and give you my fingers to suck.

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